The Cooker Pot & Peg Slate Turkey Call

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Product Description

Years ago, turkey hunters relied on their ole’ corn cob and chunk of slate call. The Grind Cooker Pot & Peg slate call has been designed with an inner sounding board that reflects great sounding tones and calls. The Cooker Pot slate is easy to change the volume from soft tree yelps to loud excited cutting that gets ole Tom fired up!

  • Custom-crafted, laminated walnut and maple woods make this call super strong and durable
  • Slate top and inner glass sounding board is the perfect combination for realistic turkey sounds
  • Maple top with a hickory peg is matched to the slate for soft or long-range calls
  • Custom combo makes the softest calls for up-close gobblers or loud sharp cuts to get ‘em fired up

The Cooker Peg & Slate Turkey Call Audio


  • Weight: 0.5 lb

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